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Zeno  of Sidon, A Mathematician

Lebanon on  Emerald-Empire

Concours Charles-Hélou,  Quelle Francophonie pour le XXIe siècle?

Lebanon on Arab World

If you want to learn  Phoenician

The  Phoenicians

The Ancient  Phoenicians

Phoenicians Developed Commerce

Beirut, Antike Stadt der  Zukunft

ABZU - Ancient Near East  Resources

Historial Atlas of Europe and the Middle East

Resources for Near  Eastern Archeaology (from ArchNet)

Selected Ancient  Near Eastern Texts

Ancient Canaanites,  Israelites and Related Peoples

Classics and Mediterranean Archeaology

Guide to the Ancient Near  Eastern Astronomy

Levant Myths and Legends

Byzantine and Medieval Studies  Sites

The  Mamluk Bibliography Project

"Cedar" in the Bible,

"Lebanon" in the Bible,

ABZU - Ancient Near East Resources,

Ancient Canaanites, Israelites and Related Peoples,

Aram Society,

MoLAS in Lebanon: Beirut
historic ruins in Beirut.

The Qadash Kinahnu Canaanite Phoenician Temple
This site covers primarily Canaanite and Phoenician history, mythology, and ritual.

Baal's homepage
Pictures of the massacre of Qana 96. Links to other pages about Qana and Lebanon.

Byzantine and Medieval Studies Sites,

Classical and Mediteranean Archeology,

Heinrich Schiffmann, Historische Photographien - Libanon,


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