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Histoire du couloir Syro-Palestinien
Canaan, Phénicie, Israël.

Historial Atlas of Europe and the Middle East,

ICL, Lebanon Index
Constitutional Background, History.

If The Stones Could Speak,

Islam and Islamic History in Arabia and The Middle East,

James Jabara: First jet fighter ace in an all jet war
story of the Lebanese-American jet fighter pilot in the Korea war.

Lebanon @ Bibo's
ancient and modern history of Lebanon.

historical overview of Lebanon.

Operation Grapes of Wrath (from an Israeli point of view)
site describing the famous " Grapes of Wrath" operation from an Israeli's perspective.

Learn Phoenician by the University of Minnesota.

Phoenicians Developed Commerce,

Qana 96
Pictures of the massacre of Qana 96. Links to other pages about Qana and Lebanon.

Resources for Near Eastern Archeaology (ArchNet),

ROMARCH, Roman Art and Archaeology,

Selected Ancient Near Eastern Texts,

StudyWeb: History of Lebanon,

The Ancient Near East from EAWC,

The Ancient Phoenicians,

The Beirut 1976 Crisis
history of the American evacuation.

The Great Monoliths of Baalbek,

The Mamluk Bibliography Project,

The Modern Middle East: From Imperialism to Freedom 1800-1958,

The New Phoenician Chronicles from The Story Teller,

The Phoenicians,

the Qana Massacre
Do you remember Qana? Can you forgive? Can you help?

Writing History Before the March of Time (Tyre),

Zeno of Sidon, A Mathematician,

History of Zgharta and Ehden

Zgharta - Ehden
dedicated to many great Leaders from Zgharta - Ehden: Estefan Al Douaihi, Youssef Bey Karam, Jawad Boulos Makary, Rene Bey Mouawad, Suleiman Bey Frangieh.


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