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The golden age of Arab and Islamic culture
by Gaston Wiet. From "Baghdad: Metropolis of the Abbasid Caliphate", University of Oklahoma Press

Prayer times
Anywhere in the world

Conversion of Islamic and Christian dates

Muslim Arab Youth Association(MAYA)

Al Haramain Foundation

World Assembly Muslim Youth (WAMY)

AL-Quran And Sunnah Society

Muslim Students Association

The Wisdom Fund

The Universal Religion

The book of Islam.
Prophet Mohammed
The last Prophet of Islam.

Al-Azhar Mosque
Provides history, links, and more. In Arabic and English.

Quran in Arabic (calligraphy)

Quran in translation (Yusuf Ali, M. Pickthall and M.H. Shakir, in parallell)

Holly Quran

Islam Online


Hajr Network

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