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Islamic City

Muslim Thinkers & Scientists

Harvard Islamic Society

Islamic Society of Wichita

Quran Search

Middlle Eastern Islamic  Studies

Search Quran Kareem (Quran Browser)

The On Line Guide To AL-Aqsa Mosque

The  Quran,  Yusuf  Ali  Trans.

Audio  Recitation  of  The Quran

Sahih  Bukhari  

Fundamentals of Islam

AL-Quran And Sunnah Society

World Assembly Muslim Youth (WAM

Muslim Arab Youth Association(MAYA)

Islamic Audios + Radio Quran

Al-Islam Encyclopedia

The Online Islamic Bookstore

Ibrahim Shafi's List on Islam

DUNYA: CyberMuslim Information Collective

Islamic Resources Gopher (

Prelude Home Page (general Islamic/Middle East info.)

"Islam in America" course syllabus



An Islamic morality and arts

Islamica Collection - University of California, Berkeley

The Solution of Today's Problems
Searching for the true message of God? Visit 

Restoring the Vision
A Scriptural prophetic teaching of the walk of the glorious and victorious church at the end of the age which parallels Jesus's public ministry of three and one-half years. 

ASP is an Arabic publishing house that publishes Arabic books and Arabic software 

The Religion of Peace
We are believers in the only One God who is The Same God to all prophets. So we submit only to God and we follow only The Qur’an.

Ahmed Deedat - Hear his voice (Sweden)

College-Islamic WWW Sites

Huma's Homepage on Islam

Islamic offerings from australia

Islamic Thought

Qatari Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs


Understanding Islam and the Muslims

Yousef Al-Qaradawi on the Internet

Khalil Abdullah
"Bismillahi'r - Rahmani'r - Rahim " We are " Ba'ham - Ma'aan - Al Quds ", Islamic-Universal Voice of Peace We are an Islamic Peace Org. founded in Dec 1997 by Khalil Abdullah, a new Muslim from Germany, who resides in M.E.region since 1967

Manasek for Haj, Umrah & Tourism
Provides Haj, Umrah, and tour packages to Islamic holy places.

Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, The


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